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Screen shots of Polyglot 3000

Here you can see screen shots of Polyglot 3000. Each screen shot contains the text in a specific language and the results of its recognition. For the majority of languages the accuracy of recognition reaches 100%.

The speed of recognition is pretty high regarding the fact that more than 400 languages are checked for. When set to check for less languages (Polyglot 3000 can be set to only check for popular languages) it can be even faster.

Click on the screen shot for larger views.

Result of recognition:

Language:  Abkhaz
Accuracy:  100%
Text size:  2418 bytes
Time:  0.182 ms
Similar languages:  Kyrgyz
Result of recognition:

Language:  Arabic
Accuracy:  100%
Text size:  5209 bytes
Time:  0.090 ms
Similar languages:  Persian
Result of recognition:

Language:  Chinese (Simplified)
Accuracy:  94%
Text size:  5564 bytes
Time:  0.064 ms
Similar languages:  Chinese (Traditional)
Result of recognition:

Language:  English
Accuracy:  83%
Text size:  15788 bytes
Time:  0.106 ms
Similar languages:  French
Result of recognition:

Language:  Esperanto
Accuracy:  72%
Text size:  6164 bytes
Time:  0.188 ms
Similar languages:  Papiamento (Curacao)
Result of recognition:

Language:  Georgian
Accuracy:  100%
Text size:  711 bytes
Time:  0.034 ms
Similar languages:  Unique script
Result of recognition:

Language:  Russian
Accuracy:  85%
Text size:  2335 bytes
Time:  0.054 ms
Similar languages:  Bulgarian
Result of recognition:

Language:  Thai
Accuracy:  100%
Text size:  5801 bytes
Time:  0.062 ms
Similar languages:  Unique script
Result of recognition:

Language:  Turkish
Accuracy:  100%
Text size:  2034 bytes
Time:  0.040 ms
Similar languages:  Azerbaijani (Latin)

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